Thursday, 20 October 2016

Miss High Leg Kick's Audition Project is an ongoing work which brought together 75 UK-based artists onto the Birmingham Hippodrome stage in a snapshot of the performing arts in 2016.

I was very honoured to be one of these artists!

On the 1st May we re-created the opening audition scene from the 1985 film 'A Chorus Line'. Over the course of a single day we learnt the audition dance on the main stage of the Birmingham Hippodrome. The process was filmed shot by shot by Richard DeDomenici to match the original film scene. It is a dance choreographed for a large group however the artists featured as individuals in their own right. Audition Project explores themes of ambition, creativity and dance, and the challenges faced by artists in a difficult funding environments Audition Project:

check out our wicked video here:

AUDITION PROJECT from Miss High Leg Kick on Vimeo.